Tourism In Indonesia

Tourism In Indonesia 

As one of the most established dialects, Hawaiian is a lovely, streaming accumulation of words and expressions that catches the normal excellence of the Hawaiian islands with song, concealed implications and awesome puzzles. As one of the most established dialects.  

Tourism In Bali  

Bali is one of the 800 other islands located in Indonesia and is considered one of the most beautiful islands in the world. It is visited by a large number of tourists for the purpose of recreation and enjoyment of nature and tropical forests and the charm of its beaches. Jakarta is about two hours away from the capital Jakarta. The island has a variety of events for individuals and groups, such as sports, diving, swimming and fishing, and family-friendly activities such as large sandy beaches, waterfalls, lakes, boat rides and small vessels.  

Tourism In Lombok: Lombok Tourist City Rival City Of Bali Indonesia 

Lombok Tourist City Rival City Of Bali Indonesia Tourism In Lombok: Lombok city was able in recent years to get more attention and proliferation in tourist circles as the city considered the traditional alternative to the city of months in Indonesia – City Bala- Wali located nearby Lombok shares rise in Indonesian Tourism Bourse comes… 

Tourism In Sumatra: About Scuba Diving In Weh Island 

Tourism In Sumatra: Pulau Weh Island is a volcanic island located off the northwest coast of the island of Sumatra, was famous island over long periods beauty of marine life and the scarcity of underwater scenes, making it one of the best places for diving in Indonesia but they compete vigorously with her sister island of Bali. 

Tourism In Jakarta  

It is the capital of Indonesia and it has around 18 million individuals during the evening and twenty million in the day!  


Jakarta is found west of Java Island, the primary portal to Indonesia. Until the point that 200 years prior it was a little port and the exchange flavors and painstaking work turned into Indonesia's enthusiasm for the world. Jakarta turned into a cutting edge city brimming with shops, shops, eateries, exhibitions and shopping centers.  


Tourism In Bandung : Ciwidey area is located near the city of Bandung, West Java, and away from the south at about 50 km. 

There is in this region Laketan are beautiful: the Seto Pattenqang Lake and Lake Kawah Putih sulfur 

And I will talk in detail about each lake. 

 Lake Seto Pattenqang 

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